Peygran plots for outside spaces with head for aluminium strips are the ideal solution for projects in which wood or wpc floating platforms are installed.

They are an excellent alternative to other traditional methods allowing greater versatility when making the strip frame, due to the rotating clip of the strip head.


Strip Clip


Aluminium Joist


NFC Ipé Deck

NFC Roble Deck

NFC Polar Deck

NFC Silver Deck

NFC Cozumel Deck*

NFC Cinnamon Deck*

NFC Castaño Deck*

NFC Teka Deck*


Platform strip anchor


Tile strip joint


Slope Regulator


Wedge for technical floors


Thickened hook


Wood Joist Anchor BSP



Raised floor



How to use

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

1º Place first plots

Place 4 plots adjusted to the tile width. Start by a corner of the perimeter to install.
Break the plot flanges that hamper the appropriate tile installation

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

2º Level the tile

Use a leveller to check the appropriate levelling of the tile on the plots. Adjust the plots with the floating nut until reaching the wanted height and complete levelling.

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

3º Fix the plot

Tighten the locknut for fixing the plot completely and avoid movements. We recommend fixing the base with polyurethane foam or similar. In this way unwanted movements are avoided.

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

4º Place the following plots

Place the following plots for the adjacent tiles. We also recommend using pads to damper sound.

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

5º Compensate unevenness (wedge base)

For a completely levelled surface, use a slope regulator to compensate the floor unevenness.

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

6º Lay the adjacent tiles

Lay the tiles orderly adjusting the floor to the plot flanges, in this way, avoiding further spaces and movements unwanted.

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

7º Continue levelling

Continue laying the adjacent tiles using the same process until completing the surface to be covered.

Peygran Raised Floor Pedestals

8º Recordable paviment

Finally, we obtain a completely registrable surface which allows us access to lower installations such as electrical wiring, sump, piping, etc.